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Snatam Kaur in Brussels

Oktober 2016 > week 40

As I was walking in the forest yesterday afternoon, all I could think was
"what a joy this Indian Summer and what a joy to live in the forest".  
The sun on your skin and at the same time the feeling of fall, change, preparing slowly for a slower rhythm, a time of letting go, of going inside...  
Nuts and chestnuts are slowly starting to fall - a precious gift of nature!
I so much love summer, but also embrace the next season, the beautiful colours, the fire in the evening, coziness of candles in the house.  
One way to let the light in.
And soon we have the pleasure of Snatam Kaur's beautiful voice in Belgium.
That is another way to let the light in....
get together, with hearts wide open, connecting, sharing in love & joy.  
What a blessed journey!



Snatam Kaur
Snatam Kaur is giving her beautiful voice to our audience in about a week from now.  Let your heart be touched in many different ways....
Finally, after 5 years, Snatam Kaur will be back in Belgium!  
Concert, chantfest, musical group meditation, a yoga class in melody...  how best to descirbe a live performance by Snatam Kaur?  It's all of these things and more.  Crystalline and radiant, Snatam's voice is redolent of the simple yet powerful truth of the heart.

Saturday, October 8, 19h00
Cirque Royal - Rue de l'enseignement 81 - 1000 Brussels

As of now, you can also buy the Rainpharma products from us.  They are 100% plant based, no nasties, no-nonsense and from Belgium.
You can try and buy them at the concerts or contact us if you feel like getting more personal information about these products.

Return to Innocence is the project of Juris, a dear friend of mine.  He has been in love with Nepal for many years and he was there at the time of the earthquake.
That experience has truly been life changing for him and made him leave his job and go for greater adventures.  One of those adventures is him sharing his love for and views and knowledge of  Nepal.  
The tour of Natural, Cultural and Spiritual Beauty of Nepal takes place
from 18-30 April 2017
It will be a holiday with like-minded people and I am proud to share Juris' dream with you.  He is a beautiful person, fun to be around and I'm sure you will be in the best hands ever.... 
All info can be found here 
Soul Happenings vzw
Sparrenweg 10 - 3051 Sint-Joris-Weert
Jyoti (Elke Delfosse)
0478/60 60 86

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