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Concerten Mirabai Ceiba - Jai Jagdeesh - Kevin James Carroll - Krishna Das

April 2017 > week 14

Mirabai Ceiba
with Bogdan Djukic
Sunday, April 30, 20h00 - CC Merksem
"Their music comes from a pure space of love and devotion.  It is soothing, peaceful and very medative" Deva Premal

De muziek van Mirabai Ceiba is zacht, toegankelijk en tegelijkertijd doordringend. De zoete klanken van harp, piano en guitaar versmelten wonderlijk met hun harmonieuze stemmen.
Hun concerten zijn telkens weer een uiting van vrede, en van hun persoonlijke diepe geloof, dat muziek een universele taal is om mensen, culturen en tradities te verbinden.  Zij brachten pas een nieuwe cd uit voor en met kinderen.

Dit zou wel eens hun laatste concert in België kunnen zijn voor een lange tijd - plannen voor nieuwe projecten, bredere horizonnen.....
Prijs: 33euro 

Zondag, 30 april, 20u00

CC Merksem
Nieuwdreef 135
2170 Merksem



Jai Jagdeesh
Concert & workshop
May 20 & 21
"Jai Jagdeesh is so connected to her heart and soul when she sings that I find myself feeling held by the strength of her connection.  In this place one finally has the opportunity to experience the divinity of the Mantra.  Her presence and music is simple and pure.  From this simplicity the most beautiful flower of her devotion and deep love for God is taking root in our hearts."  
                                                                                                                             - Snatam Kaur

NL - Jai-Jagdeesh is een sprankelende zangeres, danseres, yoga-teacher, creatieve geest en bezige bij...  Haar enthousiasme is hartverwarmend, haar liefde voor "sacred sound" aanstekelijk.  Zij staat erom gekend dat ze haar publiek verrast, verwarmt en doet stralen.

Wij zijn ontzettend blij om haar na haar eerste overdonderende concert in de Soul Happenings tuin 2 jaar geleden, weer te mogen verwelkomen voor een concert EN workshop.

Concert op 20 mei in het serene kerkje van Tourinnes-la-Grosse
Workshop op 21 mei in Koningsteen
Beperkt aantal plaatsen, boek dus snel!
Prijs concert: 25euro
Prijs workshop: 60euro
Prijs duo-ticket: 70euro



Kevin James Carroll
Heartsongs Chanting Circle
May 21, 19h00 - Koningsteen
"Son, why do you fight the mirror?  If you want to create a positive change in this world, just create something so beautiful that others want to be part of it."
                                                                                                            - Kevin James' Mother

Kevin James is a man of the heart, bringer of love and joy, creator of beauty.  He's a chant leader from Australia with a unique ability to lead a room into ecstatic bliss and heart connection.
For the last 7 years, he has been travelling the world constantly, with the intention of joining hearts together with Mantra and Heartsong, to re-connect and remember who we are beyond the illusions of ego.  Kevin believes from this state of being we can be harmonious in our existence.....
Sing mantras, dance and fly together in the group consciousness, devotion and community spirit.  Kevin James' music is a world of fusion of chanting.  Weaving ancient mantras with his own prayers and heart songs.
Price: 24euro 

Sunday May 21 @ 19h00 in Koningsteen

Oxdonkstraat 168
1880 Kapelle-op-den-Bos



Krishna Das
 Kirtan Wallah 
July 5, 20h00 - Elckerlyc, Antwerp
The King of Kirtan has finally heard our call!

The King of kirtan has finally heard our call!  What a joy!!!

Eindelijk is het zover!  Na jarenlange pogingen om hem naar hier te halen, komt Krishna Das voor het eerst naar België!  Wat een geweldige muzikant, een warme ziel met een zalig gevoel voor humor die zo heerlijk relativerend kan praten over “spiritualiteit”, waardoor het allemaal weer een beetje op de aarde terecht komt.  
Mis dit unieke concert niet......

Layering traditional Hindu kirtan with instantly accessible melodies and modern instrumentation, Krishna Das has been called yoga's "rock star".
With a remarkably soulful voice that touches the deepest chord in even the most casual listener, Krishna Das - known to friends, family and fans as KD - has taken call-and-response chanting out of yoga centers and into concert halls, becoming a worldwide icon.
"The chanting just hits you and you want to be a part of it" KD promises.  "That's the point of this whole thing, that's what cuts through all the stuff.  You get lit up, you don't have to know what it means....."
Prijs: 35 - 45euro 

Woensdag 5 juli @ 20u00 in Elckerlyc

Frankrijklei 85-87
2000 Antwerp


And there's more beauty coming later this year......
Peia - Ajeet Kaur.......
And here are a few friends and projects that I am so proud of and want the world to know......
My dear friends Marion Demanet and Werner Van Steen who are amazing photographers - they just launched their new website.  Have a look at it and let the beauty warm your hearts.....

Sound & Silence Gatherings in Corfu
3 conscious gatherings full of dance, music, silence, joy, love, meditation, yoga, celebration and connection.  
A few names that we can already announce are Mirabai Ceiba, Peia Luzzi, Brenda McMorrow, Kareem Raïhani and many more to be announced soon. 
An open air festival in the olive grove - join us if you can..... 

Return to Innocence is the project of Juris, a dear friend of mine.  He has been in love with Nepal for many years and he was there at the time of the earthquake.
That experience has truly been life changing for him and made him leave his job and go for greater adventures.  One of those adventures is him sharing his love for and views and knowledge of  Nepal.  

The tour of Natural, Cultural and Spiritual Beauty of Nepal takes place
from 18-30 April 2017
It will be a holiday with like-minded people and I am proud to share Juris' dream with you.  He is a beautiful person, fun to be around and I'm sure you will be in the best hands ever.... 
All info can be found here
Soul Happenings vzw
Sparrenweg 10 - 3051 Sint-Joris-Weert
Jyoti (Elke Delfosse)
0478/60 60 86

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